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The Japanese KAIZEN 5S management philosophy.
At Codexing.Art, we strive for web development and coding that inspires safety and an elegant design in everyday life. We always wanted to move forward. KAYZEN5 with its Japanese management philosophy is built into every line of code that we create. Long term durability and security are our goals. We never sacrifice your business relation with us for a very quick profit. Well coded Themes & Plugins optimise space and time, also improve performance and security. We use clear and appropriate naming conventions and we don’t use lengthy functions. A single function must carry out a single task. The same piece of code should not be repeated in the script. Too many nesting levels make code harder to read, diagnose and correct, if necessary. We capitalize SQL special words and function names to distinguish them from the table and column names. We avoid to write code with prolonged lines because it is a lot easier for humans to read blocks of coded lines that are horizontally short and vertically long. Do you agree?

You Need It

KAYZEN5 is the result of our needs.
Many developers call the WordPress CMS a "spaghetti" due to the unbelievable mess occurring on a daily basis. Many plugins on the repository are no longer maintained and updated on a regular basis, despite our needs and wishes. Upgrade? Some of those plugins are so outdated that your website crashes! The name of our plugin KAYZEN5 derives from the Japanese manufacturing philosophy known as KAYZEN 5S. We removed the "S" and kept it on the side for willing buyers of our Premium Plugin "KAYZEN5 Stars". Why do we call it 5 Stars? Because it is excellent, very lean, super fast and skilfully coded. KAYZEN means "continuous improvement" in Japanese and "5S" is under the Lean and JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing umbrella. No joke, but PHP 8.0 also includes JIT (Just In Time Compilation). Each of the 5 "S" stands for a Japanese word that when adapted into the Western languages, also starts with an "S". SEIRI is to SORT out and choose which code is needed, SEITON is to SELECT the location in our plugins or themes for best use and efficiency, SEISO is to SHINE the code by cleaning it from obsolete functions (etc.) and upgrading it to PHP 8.0, never forgetting to create a WOW factor for our clients with a clever use. SEIKETSU is the SYSTEMATISATION of everything that we code into a common standard, easy to understand and implement, taking into consideration the Cause + Effect relationship with a strong need for order on a clean code and our full commitment to maintain those standards. SHITSUKE is to SUSTAIN the quality of the products & services and a shared culture of responsibility, as an obligation. Is WordPress secure and safe to use? Well, why do you need a security plugin right from the beginning, after the initial install? WordPress is progressing day by day and it is quite safe, but due to the fact that its code is of general knowledge, hackers are able to exploit any weaknesses found on the code. We love PHP 8.0 PHP 8.0 is a huge upgrade in security for WordPress and we make a substantial effort to deliver our Themes and Plugins well coded with that wonderful version. KAYZEN5 is very well coded and provides extended menus on Posts and Pages within your WordPress website's administration dashboard. A must have for all.
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PHP 8.0 is faster!

Way more WordPress plugins & themes are now fully compatible with PHP 8.0 and WordPress performance on this newest version is much better and faster than its predecessors. The official WordPress Team also recommends this PHP 8.0 version for a better website experience, amazing speed and extra online security.
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Code is Poetry

Poetry is Art ... and we are Codexing.Art
WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. More than 40.0% of all the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. WordPress is a very rich, flexible and open-source CMS (content management system) licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or modify completely the WordPress software for free. A content management system is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website, like images and text or a database without needing to know anything about programming. WordPress makes building a website accessible to anyone, writers, politicians, journalists, chefs, cooks, barbers, scaffolders, house keepers and shop owners. Common people who are not web developers by trade.
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Coding Story

Our WordPress Coding Story in 2005
Around 2005, WordPress launched its Version 2.0 which included rich editing, images upload, improved import system, faster posting, new backend UI and several improvements for plugin designers and developers. We had the bright idea of using WordPress on some trivial projects for our colleagues and friends. Basically, to install this beautiful CMS, customize lightly and almost forget it... Amateurs on the internet of things. Clumsy and foolish enough to not give WordPress the proper credit and envision its potential for our own careers as coders and web designers on this World. Lessons learned, we dedicate ourselves to learn everything WordPress, especially themes and plugins’ development with PHP8, HTML5 and CSS3. We love it…
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PHP8 * HTML5 * CSS3 + JavaScript

Design Coding


We are passionate about making good quality digital products and we do our best to make our clients' life far better.
Improving the quality of our services and products is paramount for our Team, meaning that all the themes and plugins that are made for our beloved clients include a 2 Years Warranty. Any lack of conformity that occurs makes us liable. After purchase communication is an essential part of what we consider to be an excellent service or product and building relationships with our existing clients is imperative to us. That is the difference between success and failure. Codexing.Art will not cover the misuse of or any alterations or modifications made to our Themes or Plugins. We do not consider that having a commercial or not software license that may either be MIT, GNU or GPL will give any client the right to alter or modify any software program and still be entitled to claims.
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Credit or Debit Cards & PayPal
We like to use Ecwid to process our clients payments. Ecwid does not handle any online payments directly. The payment processors do charge transaction fees. Ecwid does not charge any additional transaction fees. You can pay us using Credit or Debit Cards and PayPal.

Refund Policy

Do you have a Refund Policy?
Our WordPress Themes & Plugins have a strict NO REFUND POLICY, but if the theme or plugin causes errors or website crashes after installation, then you may qualify for a refund from Codexing.Art provided that you are willing to give us a detailed explanation of the issue or overall insight into your website and hosting. To qualify for the refund, you must eMail us a support request within 14 days to including screenshots of the error or failure message and logs from the website where you are trying to install our WordPress products. A 14 days support period will start for Codexing.Art Support Team to provide troubleshooting in order to fix or resolve the error that was possibly created by one or more products purchased from us. We apologise if that ever happens! If after the 14 days period, the Codexing.Art Support Team was not able to fix the error or reported an unknown issue, only then a refund will be provided.
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Themes & Plugins

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We are always available. We are always working on the development of this beautiful WordPress plugin and we pride ourselves in answering to your questions in no more than 12 hours, day or night, through eMail.
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